Our main focus...

We at ELS have shown that we want to be a safe steward of the roads we travel. We have made significant capital investments in many areas such as technology; approximately 95% of our over-the-road trucks are now utilizing electronic tracking devices. These devices tell us many things about the truck and driver and conditions of the traffic situations they inhabit. We now have real time information about the driver’s current duty status so we can make sure we are even more compliant with hours of service laws as well as the ability to analyze driving habits, and coach drivers when they need to be in those areas.

However, we realize that technology is not the silver bullet, just merely a small piece of the puzzle. We feature intensive driver training and continuing education courses to fully educate our new hires, as well as for drivers “down the road”. Our operational staff also takes part in many of these classes to improve their overall knowledge of what we preach to drivers.

Our recruiting department strictly researches and verifies the drivers that we recruit to become part of our team. This is made possible by using multiple screening services to verify the validity of the applications we receive. Our safety staff is always furthering their educations by taking advanced courses offered by many different state and federal safety agencies.

ELS has been always had an “open door” policy with state and federal regulators. We always welcome anyone to take a review of our ever-developing safety department and its procedures and policies. It is often unfortunate that government oversight and regulation takes a back seat to budget constraints, as we have been told by such regulators that they can only come to review our company when time allows (which they say could be anywhere from six months to two years). Full compliance reviews are only warranted in a fatality investigation where the carrier is at fault. Such issues make our task of proving that we are a safe carrier very difficult, but rest assured as long as we are hauling freight, we will continue to be aggressive in inviting regulators to any of our facilities at any time.

Our most important job is to move freight from our customer’s location to their customers all across the country, and doing so with our most valuable asset, our drivers. Many people often forget the many miles and hours it takes to achieve this task and the many different levels of safety it requires.