What Does ELS Load?

People always ask, “What do you haul?” Our answer is whatever we can fit on a flatbed. We haul everything from steel beams and coils to military vehicles and everything in between. With all that being said, most of our operators pull 53’ trailers. Pulling 53’ trailers has created our own little “niche” in the steel transportation market; it allows us to carry over length steel products, generally 60’ steel beams, bars, tubing and the like. These loads pay on average 25% more than standard loads with essentially no more cost to transport.

Our Freight Lanes Span 48 States…

Our freight lanes span across the lower 48 States, but we routinely find ourselves in the eastern two-thirds of the US every day. We have three different divisions at ELS all which will allow you to be where you want to be, when you want to be there.

OTR (Over the Road): This division will average 500-700 mile loads a day. The trucks in this division will operate all over the country and will be focusing on major steel centers throughout the US.

Regional: This division will have slightly lower miles per day at about 350-550 miles per day but will have the opportunity to get by home sometime during the week. This division is for drivers who either own their own truck or are purchasing a truck from someone else other than ELS. Regrettably, neither our company drivers nor our lease drivers can turn the proper amount of revenue to remain profitable in this division.

Dedicated: This division centers itself on servicing high priority and time sensitive products for customers. These loads will generally be delivered within a 250 miles radius from the point of pick up. These operators are home most nights, and have been with the company the longest and have generally earned the privilege of running this type of freight. There are limited spots available in this division.